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Even the most critical eye won't be able to tell the difference between
Flexi-Brick and masonry brick. Great indoors and out! A favorite of designers.

  Chimney Enclosures   Brick Facing  
  • Hides unsightly flue stacks.
  • Adds value and charm to your home.
  • Won't peel fade or crack.
  • Custom designs and sizes available on request.
  • Light weight eliminates need for extra roof support.
  • Flashing kits available for new construction
  Flexi-Brick is also available as individual bricks.

Choose from  3 brick sizes, 7 brick colors & 4 shades of mortar.

  Most sizes ship UPS
Easy installation
Custom caps and covers available
  Flexi-Brick is also available in "loose brick" cartons
for use on your own designs.

Flexi-Bricks Traditional chimney surrounds are sized, attached and pre-assembled to rigid foam sheets.
Flexi-Bricks Finger-Lock chimney surrounds provide 4 interlocking panels for larger units.

Apply small amount of the Flexi-Brick Mortar on a dry and solid surface.
Attach bricks & smooth the joints with a damp paintbrush.

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