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Flexi-Brick and Flexi-Brick Mortar

*Flexi-Brick is the most realistic thin brick on the market.

Flexi-Brick was developed and has been used in Europe for over 30 years for both interior and exterior applications.

TM Flexi-Brick is not brittle like most thin bricks; in fact you will notice that you can bend it with your hands, which allows you to apply it to curved and uneven surfaces.

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TM Flexi-Brick is composed of 92% specialty mixed quartz sands, bonded with a poly-acrylic binder. These materials are UV resistant, and colored through and through, preventing fading. When applied to a solid substrate it will resist impact and temperatures ranging from -37 up to 212F with out losing its integrity.

 Easy Installation

2. Embed the Flexi-Brick fully into the adhesive. The joints should be about 3/8" wide. 4. Flexi-Brick slip can be applied around rounded corners and curved surfaces.
1. Apply small amount of the Flexi-Brick Mortar on a dry and solid surface. 3. Flexi-Brick can easily be cut using scissors or a sharp knife. 5. Smooth the joints with a damp paintbrush. Be sure that the Flexi-Brick is fully embedded on all sides.

Flexi-Brick can easily be cut with scissors or using a sharp knife.

Weight, less than 2 lbs. per Sq. Ft.  -  Thickness only 1/8 in.

Resistant to mechanical stress and impacts  -  Allows for some structural movement without cracking

Available sizes:
Standard     8 5/8 x 2 1/8
Colors available in this size are:
Burned Red, Firehouse Red, Flamed Gray, Desert Sand and Sierra
Oversize     7 5/8 x 2 5/8
Colors available in this size are:
Burned Red, Flamed Gray, Desert Sand and Sierra
 Euro      8 1/4 x 2
Colors available in this size are:
Alaska White and Nevada
Preformed Corners    For Right Angles
Available in all sizes


Mortar Colors:

White Gray Sand Brown



Available Colors:
Alaska White
Burned Red
Desert Sand
Firehouse Red
Grey Flame


Flexi-Brick Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Flexi-Brick Rubber?
No. Flexi-Brick is made from specially sorted quartz sands and a poly-acrylic binder that allows it to be flexible.

Q. Can Flexi-Brick be used around fireplaces and heating sources?
Flexi-Brick has been thermally tested to keep its integrity in temperatures over 212 deg. F. Flexi-Brick is not fire proof, it is essential to use proper clearances from fire and heat sources.

Q. Can Flexi-Brick be used in very cold/very hot climates?
Yes. Flexi-Brick can be used in climates ranging from -35 deg F up to 212 deg F. Flexi-Brick should only be applied in temperatures over 40 deg F

Q. Are Flexi-Brick products easy to install?
Yes. Flexi-Brick can be installed by those with no previous experience. There's no product like it, and nothing is easier.

Q. What preparation is needed to install Flexi-Brick?
Flexi-Brick can be applied to almost any clean, dry surface. Some areas may require leveling or cleaning before installation.

Q. What tools are needed to install Flexi-Brick?
The only tools needed to install Flexi-Brick are a notched trowel, scissors and a small brush.

Q. What sizes are available?
There are currently 3 sizes of Flexi-Brick, Standard, Euro and Oversize. Some colors are available in more than one size.

Q. Is Flexi-Brick easy to clean?
Yes. Flexi-Brick may be cleaned with a standard garden hose.

Q. Does Flexi-Brick provide any insulation?
Because Flexi-Brick is so light-weight, it can be applied to foam insulation board to provide insulation.

Q. How much does Flexi-Brick weigh?
Flexi-Brick weighs approximately one pound per square foot. It elimates the need for footings and brick ledges, making both installation and handling easy for anyone.

Q. What are the best applications for Flexi-Brick?
Flexi-Brick can be used for hundreds of projects; here are a few popular areas. Interior walls, exterior siding or foundations, grill islands, chimney chases, interior archways and basement remodels. The uses are limited only by your imagination.


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