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Flexi-Brick Products offer a Full 20-Year Warranty

Flexi-Brick™ products carry a 20-year limited warranty. If the Flexi-Brick™, bricks or mortar are in any way defective when installed*, Flexi-Brick™ will replace the defective bricks and/or mortar with new materials at no expense to the original owner**. The replacement of brick does not include the labor cost for the removal of or replacing the brick. The Flexi-Brick™ product warranty does not include and is not limited to the following: Settling of a structure or any other structural movement, contact with chemicals, paints, acids, stains, oxidation, improper installation, improper clearances from heating sources, or acts of God.

*Flexi-Brick products must be installed on structures that are in accordance with all local building codes and installed to manufactures specifications. Not suitable for traffic areas such as sidewalks or driveways.

** The warranty is limited to the original owner of the Flexi-Brick.
Proper storage is a must for all Flexi-Brick Products. Please see manufactures specifications for storage and expiration dates.

Warranty Claim Submission & Performance- Any claim covered by the written terms of this warranty must be promptly presented in writing to Flexi-Brick, LLC at 500 Elk Street, Buffalo, New York 14210, and directed to the Marketing Manager, Claims Department , and accompanied by a photo copy of the original owners/purchasers Warranty Certificate and receipt.

If, after inspection by a Flexi-Brick representative, the damaged/defective material/product is in fact determined to be covered by the Product warranty, Flexi-Brick, LLC will, at its option, replace the defective material/product(s), or refund the original purchase price.






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